Oops: Expedia Promotes Fallen NZ City
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Travel giant Expedia tries to drum up travel trips to NZ, while an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale devastates its second largest city of Christchurch.

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And if that wasn’t enough the Internet company also went one further by using an image of the City’s cathedral, now at the centre of the earthquake as a promo shot.

Several people lost their lives at the site and many more are said to be missing.

The e-mail promo was sent to its Australian customers this morning from UK based marketing division although the disaster struck before lunchtime yesterday. 

However, Expedia have blamed timing, saying “these promotional emails are built and deployed from our team in London and this one was deployed before the earthquake hit. ”

 “Expedia sincerely apologises for the unfortunate timing of this communication, which was removed from our website as soon as we became aware of the contents. 

We are working with Expedia customers who are planning to travel to or from the affected area to make alternative travel arrangements.,” said the Washington based travel co.       


75 are now confirmed dead and over 1,000 people are unaccounted for.