Operation 3: Vodafone Store Invasion Continues
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It’s the nail in the coffin for 3 as a standalone brand as Vodafone entry into its store intensifies.

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The 3 chain of stores which is currently getting a makeover and being turned into dual service operations, has gone a step further, with VHA recently moving to allow 3 customers get service from Vodafone stores.

All 3 stores will now operate under dual logo’s although as a provider it will continue to sell handsets and plans from both networks.

The rebranding exercise, which has been taking place since last year has gathered pace with several stores in Sydney undergoing the change recently.

There are over 288 3 stores currently nationwide, according to the its website.

So, the end of the brand isn’t nigh, but rather its stores will be set “set-up to sell and service 3 and Vodafone customers” a spokesperson for Vodafone told SmartHouse, which may prove a major boon for customers on the networks, with a massive jump in the number of stores at their disposal.

Operation 3 whereby 3 customers can now get service from Vodafone stores, has been underway since last week, VHA confirmed today, and will be continuing over the next few months.

 “From 13th April, 3 mobile customers can visit 95 Vodafone retail stores and 31 select Vodafone Dealers across the country to service their mobile needs including adding a new service, upgrading their account, purchasing additional services or devices, or just seeking assistance,” VHA said in a statement to SmartHouse. 

 “Our 3 mobile customers (now have) access to more store locations and a better customer experience. “


The merger between Vodafone and Hutchinson, announced in February 2009, resulted in the amalgamation of the No.3 and 4 players in the mobile market, to form Vodafone Hutchinson Australia.