Optus Chief Outlines Plan For Shock-And-Awe, Israeli-Style
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SYDNEY – Optus is looking to Israel’s defence force for the inspiration behind a new three-pronged attack on the telecoms Australian market, where it trails behind Telstra and faces being relegated to No 3 position as TPG appears poised to acquire Perth’s iiNet.A warlike Optus chief

executive Allen Lew fleshed out this proposition, while speaking to

an Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce event in Sydney this week.

“Things around us are not just changing quickly – they’re changing at

warp speed,” Lew told his audience. “We’re competing not just with

the traditional infrastructure providers in this country but the mega-digital

players and the small entrepreneurial start-ups who would love nothing better

than to eat our lunch.”

He noted companies like Google and Facebook are using the Internet to

supply telecommunications customers directly.

“In short we have no choice but to transform,” he said, adding that

Optus has borrowed Israeli Defense Force ideas to come up with a strategy it

calls Shield, Expand and Capture.

“Shield” refers to investing more in existing lines of business,

including a plan to ramp up capital expenditure to $1.77 billion over the next

12 months.

“Expand” involves using new technologies such as big data analytics

to plumb customers’ needs and desires, and use technology to exploit this.

“Capture” involves discovering completely new lines of business, to

be exploited via venture capital funding and acquisitions – both in Australia

and abroad.