Oz Hit By Botched Installations - Men To Blame
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Shock survey finds 13 million malfunctioning TVs and PCs in Aussie homes thanks to botched set ups.

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76% of computer owners and almost 40%  of TV users have reported a technical problem with their devices, in a new survey conducted by Dick Smith. 

And who’s to blame?

Mostly ‘tech savvy’ males who decide to take responsible for installations of swanky new LED, Macs and audio equipment.

But almost one in five men choose to ignore problems with devices following a botched installation, with a shocking 10% admitting to buying a brand new device, rather than trying to fix their existing mistakes.

And its causing major tension in households with almost one in four women blaming their partners for their electrical gadgets not working properly.

Common installation gremlins include slow computers, Internet issues, poor TV reception and remotes that don’t work properly.

Only 5% of those surveyed have ever relied on a professional installer to do the job.

Dick Smith’s chief Clever Dick, Jason Woodland says the results show “a very real need for Aussie men to swallow their “man pride” and call out the experts when they buy a new computer or TV.

“In our experience, most people don’t know where to start and plunge head first into setup.


“When people try to tackle the jobs themselves, that’s when problems start.Gone are the days of plugging a rabbit ear antenna into your TV with a slap on the side to get it working.”

The survey results also imply that the male’s position as the household’s technical expert may be dwindling through the generations.

The retailer is looking to promote its professional team of ‘Clever Dicks’ who will do installations for everything from PC setup and fixes, antenna installation, security camera installation, basic TV installation all the way to wall mounting and may even end up “saving your appliances, your budget and potentially your relationship,” says Woodland .