Panasonic has announced the latest entry in its fully rugged Toughpad device lineup.

The new Toughpad FZ-F1 is powered by Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise and combines the abilities of a mobile barcode reader, phone and tablet.

Designed with “full outdoor functionality” in mind, the FZ-F1 features a 4.7-inch multi-touch sunlight-viewable display that can be used while wearing gloves and a battery life rated for up to eight hours of continuous use.

It can also withstand drops of 1.8m on concrete, is fully sealed against dust and submersible in 100cm of water for 30 minutes, and can withstand temperatures from below -10 degrees celsius to above 50 degrees.

“It’s no surprise that the rugged mobile market is expected to continue its steady growth – Australian companies are realising consumer-grade products do not provide the necessary value or sophistication required to address business needs. This has resulted in thousands being lost in repair costs and days being lost each year in productivity,” said Marc Amelung, General Manager, Mobile Solutions, Panasonic Australia.

The angled rear barcode reader of the FZ-F1 has been ergonomically designed to allow items to be scanned without bending at the elbow or wrist, which Panasonic said helps to improve productivity and reduce the potential for repetitive strain injuries.

Technical features of the device include 4G LTE connectivity, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, NFC, assisted GPS, Bluetooth 4.1 and dual front speakers able to deliver up to 100 decibels.

“The FZ-F1 will help to slash field failure rates, raise productivity and reduce work-based injuries thanks to its innovative design. Panasonic has a strong 20 year heritage in the Toughbook category and we will continue to adapt and serve businesses with our tailored solutions,” said Amelung.

The FZ-F1 will be available this month, with prices starting from RRP $2,799.