Panasonic Projects From iPad To The Big Screen
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Projectors have just gotten a little bit clever with wireless projection from Apple iDevices.
Panasonic’s new LCD projectors, the PT-FW430 and PT-FX400, offer enhanced brightness with a longer lasting lamp alongside a new level of connectivity.

While wireless projectors are already catching on, with most of the big projector brands like Epson and Acer offering wireless options, Panasonic has latched onto Apple for a little extra connectivity.

Panasonic’s ‘Wireless Projector for iOS’ app lets users link their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the new LCD projectors for presentations or just for playing around with an iPad on a giant screen.

The PT-FW430 runs at 3,500 lumens of brightness with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels for Full HD viewing, while the PT-FX400 has a higher 4,000 lumens of brightness with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

The projectors boast a lamp replacement cycle of 6,000 hours thanks to a more durable new lamp unit in tow. Maintenance is less of a hassle too with a 12,000 hour replacement cycle for the dust filter.

These aren’t heavyweight competitors in the  home entertainment side of projection (without 3D support thrown in), but functions like side-by-side projection for displaying images from two sources at once, remote monitoring via web browser and a range of HDMI and DVI-I inputs set these units up for SMBs and universities.

Both models are now available for $3499 each.