Panasonic has revealed it will soon launch software featuring the world’s highest-precision facial recognition engine, as evaluated by the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

In July 2018, the Japanese company’s Facial Recognition Server Software (WV-ASF950) and Face Registration Expansion Kit (WV-ASFE951W) will launch internationally.

Launch within Panasonic’s home country of Japan will occur in August 2018.

Using deep learning technology, the company claims its software identifies faces which are otherwise difficult to recognise with conventional methods.

This includes identifying individuals wearing sunglasses, faces which have changed appearance with ageing, or images captures with titled or angled faces.

Panasonic’s new facial recognition software also features a special “iA (intelligent Auto) mode”, which automatically adjusts camera settings for optimal image capture.

Used with the company’s i-PRO EXTREME series network cameras and its bundled “Best Shot License Key”, only the best images will be sent to servers for facial recognition.

As such, server and network loads are reduced, passing on an estimated 40% – 50% reduction in overall system costs.

Panasonic reveals it will debut a function to recognise faces covered with surgical masks by the end of 2018.

Full product specifications can be read here.