Pay Online With Bank-less Credit Card
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Visa International has developed a new way for consumers to shop online – without the need for a credit card, or even a bank account, making online shopping more attractive to those who are concerned about credit card fraud.

This new system potentially opens up an entirely new growth sector for the online retail world, nabbing both younger users who don’t own a credit card and all users who question the safety of internet transactions.

Called ‘SCX Global Visa Virtual Prepaid’, the VCARD is issued by Heritage Building Society and is the first of its kind in Australia, according to the company. Visa is calling its new card system an option for consumers who would prefer the security of a ‘pay now, buy later’ payment option.

Consumers pay their chosen amount for the purchasing value of the card, plus a small set-up fee, either at a participating retail outlet or online. The pre-loaded card is activated when the consumer enters the account’s reference number (provided at purchase) through a secure website hosted by the provider.

“The arrival of Visa Virtual Prepaid gives people even more choice. Now you don’t even need a piece of plastic or even a bank account to shop online or to purchase over the phone,” said Visa.