Perfect Coffee At Home With Bosch
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You don’t need to be a barista (or go out) for the perfect cuppa with the Bosch Benvenuto B60 espresso machine. All the hard work is done for you.

Bosch’s Benvenuto B60 freestanding coffee machine ($2299) uses an aroma whirl brewing system which is claimed to surround each coffee granule with water in a pressurised chamber, extracting maximum flavour. Capacity wise, there is a 1.8 litre fresh water tank, a grinder with a 250 gram storage container and a separate compartment for pre-ground coffee. Fresh coffee is also guaranteed by the single portion cleaning function, which cleans the pipes on the machine after every brewing cycle.

The machine’s functions are indicated via an electronic LED display and include a simultaneous frothing and hot water function. Included is a cup rack with pre-heat function and a programmable on/off timer.

The device provides for one- or two-cup pouring options.


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Bosch’s Benvenuto B60 does all the hard work for you.