Phantom Telstra Cable Cutter On Prowl?
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Forget the cable guy, there’s a secret cable cutter on the loose. Thats according to Telstra who say cables in Hunter Valley were cut “deliberately” yesterday.
The damage to the 100 fibre cable occurred at Mount Vincent Road, East Maitland area of Hunter Valley, NSW, which the telco became aware of around 1.30am yesterday, a spokesperson confirmed.

“Initial inquiries indicate the fibre access point in a pit had been opened and the damage caused deliberately.”

The damage to the 100 fibre cable initially cut approximately 21,000 phone services, 9000 ADSL, several hundred spectrum services and a small number of digital data lines and mobile towers, leaving thousands of customers at a loss.

Rejoining of the damaged fibres commenced around 08.00 and was completed at 11.30am yesterday, the spokesperson confirmed.

Telstra said it is working with local police to pursuing the offender(s).