Pinnacle Studio For Video Aficionados
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Pinnacle Systems has launched its Pinnacle Studio line of video editing software which, the company claims, is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of video enthusiasts.

The Studio 11 family is comprised of the Studio, Studio Plus, and Studio Ultimate and aims to offer video creation and sharing capabilities that address the latest consumer video trends, including support for new HD media types like AVCHD, Windows Vista, and Web publishing for online video sharing, the company says.

General Manager for Pinnacle Systems, Jeff Hastings said, “There are key trends happening from High Definition becoming truly accessible for video consumers, the proliferation of user generation content on the web and the introduction of new operating systems like Windows Vista. Over the past months, we have focused on bringing the best tools to our Pinnacle Studio application for our users to take full advantage of these latest trends in video creation and consumption. AVCHD editing, HD DVD disc burning, and one-click publishing to the web are among the new capabilities we are introducing with Pinnacle Studio 11, while preserving the intuitive, user-friendly experience for which our Studio software has become famous.”

Pinnacle Studio version 11

Designed to simplify video editing for entry level users or those who want to move beyond the capabilities of free sources, Pinnacle Studio contains several automated and time-saving features that let customers archive their video memories or create entertaining movies in a few easy steps. The new one-click Web publishing feature enables users to quickly publish their videos to Yahoo Video for public viewing, or they can upload to the Pinnacle Systems’ website private viewing service and invite an audience to watch their videos at the same time.

Pinnacle Studio Plus version 11

Pinnacle Studio Plus includes all of the intuitive features of Pinnacle Studio, and adds a host of advanced editing, effects, and authoring options. The extensive range of features includes a complete HD workflow, with native HDV and AVCHD editing, and HD DVD disc burning.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 11

The Pinnacle Studio Ultimate combines Pinnacle Studio Plus with a selection of highly-acclaimed, fully integrated professional audio and video tools. Designed for the most serious video enthusiasts who demand more control over the quality and look of their video creations, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate includes SoundSoap audio cleaning tools, dramatic lighting and film look effects from ProDad VitaScene, precision Panning and Zooming with StageTools MovingPicture, and a Chroma Key green screen backdrop for easy-to-achieve professional results.

Pinnacle Studio: $119
Pinnacle Studio Plus: $169
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate: $249