Pioneer Computers Launches New Site
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Pioneer Computers Australia has released a new website featuring real-time build to order facilities.

The new site will allow resellers to order the Pioneer DreamBook and servers as well as get quotations on Built to Order PCs in various form factors such as the LCD PC, Mini PC, Entertainment PC and Media Centre PC.

The new web site also contains information on the DreamVision range of products including LCD Television, MP3, MP4 players, optical media, digital TV tuner and security surveillance systems.

In the dealer section, resellers are able to compare the Recommended Retail Price and Reseller Pricing side by side and work out their margin at a glance.  Dealers can make up to 20% margin on Pioneer Built to Order notebook, compared to a paltry $30-$60 on other brands.

Resellers can send the “Recommended Retail Price” version of the quotation directly to customers, saving time and effort. Alternatively, consumers can nominate which reseller they want to purchase from and the quotation will be forwarded to the reseller.

The new online features are stage one of a series of improvements scheduled for the year.  PIONEER Computers Australia also plans to introduce a real-time service module and ecommerce capabilities in stage 2 and stage 3.

Pioneer Computers’ Jeff Li said that since launching the new website resellers activity has increased 100 per cent and initial feedback has been ‘satisfactory’.

Resellers are encouraged to sign up with Pioneer Computers and be featured in the Where to Buy section, receiving sales leads and be part of the Premium Reseller Program.