Pioneer Computers Signs Level One
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Pioneer Computers has signed on as a distributor for networking hardware company Level One.

The Germany brand is currently one of Europe’s leading brands and fit perfectly into according to Pioneer Computers product portfolio, complementing its current range of notebooks, security surveillance system and digital entertainment, says the company. Products include Flexible Wireless products, Broadband Routers using ADSL / Cable modems, Printer Servers, IP Network Camera and Network Adapters.

Level one is featured in Pioneer’s online Build to Order facility on  Customers are offered the choice to add Level One networking products into their order when they select components for their custom build Pioneer PC or notebook.

The most popular products are 11g 54 Mbps Pocket AP Router, which converts any Ethernet device, such as desktop or laptop computer, game console, printer and set-top box into a wireless network device; and 11g Wireless USB Adapter and WiFi Finder, which detects whether the environment has available wireless network immediately.

Level One products are also distributed to Pioneer’s national reseller network.  Resellers are encouraged to bundle Level One products into their PC or notebook offer.  It offers practical solutions to users and adds value to the order at the same time.