Plan B: Fujitsu & Optus Cut NBN Deals
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‘Plan B’ appears to be coming to fruition as Fujitsu, Optus jump on NBN bandwagon. And no sign of Telstra, so far.

Fujitsu has signed a major $100m – a year deal with NBN Co, reports indicate.

The deal, said to be announced in the coming days, will see the tech giant play a key role in the national rollout of the controversial broadband network, set to cost $36 billion, say industry sources. 

Fujitsu will be responsible for connecting homes up to the fibre optic network from the nearest hubs, as well as managing the access ducts.

The company may sub-contract a lot of the fibre delivery work to Service Stream, a Melbourne-based technology firm.

However, all parties to the agreement are keeping tight lipped on any agreement, although the NBN Co has confirmed negotiations are in “final stages” but failed to disclose who with.

Optus are also said to have signed a lucrative deal with the NBN to control satellite solution servicing users in rural areas, according to The Australian. 

If these deals come off unhindered, it will mean the NBN can breathe a sigh of relief considering the furore that has surrounded the rollout of the network, so far, and could signal a minor victory against its detractors.

Just last month, tender negotiations between Mike Quigley’s NBN Co and a number of major building contractors including Telstra were called to an abrupt halt, accusing the bidders of gauging excess profits out of the government backed project.

Following the talks collapse, the broadband company promised a ‘Plan B’ was in place. 


John Holland, Transfield and EDI are reported to be among the players involved in the collapsed talks.