PR Company For Intel And Blackberry Slammed
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The web site for Spectrum Communications, the PR company for Intel and Research in Motion makers of the Blackberry phone, is still displaying false information on their clients and directors 36 hours after we first revealed the issue.

Yesterday the company, who describes themselves as being IT experts, and a company who “prides itself” on accurate information, told ChannelNews not to call their company again after admitting that our exposure of their web site had “done a lot of damage”.
See original story here.
Earlier in the week we revealed how the company was still claiming Acer and Google as clients of their organisation despite losing the accounts more than 12 months ago. 
We also revealed that Michael Henderson was still being shown as the company’s Group Managing Director despite the fact that Henderson quit the company months ago to take on a role at a rival public relations agency.
An online web developer and manager of web sites, Toby Lucas, said it would be extremely easy to change the web site to only displaying an index page or single message while the problem was fixed. “It would take only a few minutes”.
Several other web developers we have spoken to have said it would only take “seconds” to fix the problem.
A senior executive of a major Sydney based PR company said: “Their actions are poor and reflect a poor culture in the company. They compete in the IT industry and to not fix this problem immediately reflects on the image of the entire PR industry. Fixing up the web site should have been an immediate priority”.