PR Consultancy Launches Iceberg
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The Blackie McDonald Communications Group has spun off a new venture with the launch of Iceberg Communications.

Iceberg Communications Asia Pacific is being set up as a separate business venture with independent management and employees to provide a wider range of services to Australian corporates.

“There has been a shift in the services Public Relations agencies are required to provide and we recognise the demand for integrated Communications services. Iceberg Communications will draw on BMcD’s strong experience and extensive client base but will also serve as an independent company to ensure client integrity for new PR clients,” said Tony Blackie, CEO of the Blackie McDonald Communications Group.

“Today’s business environment is extremely challenging and you need employees and partners to be supporting your strategy every step of the way,” added Tony Blackie.

“The focus on employee engagement and building a positive organisational culture and external brand is a growing trend for many organisations. We can support them through our significant experience and capability in this area.”

Iceberg offers the full spectrum of services for employee and corporate communications including strategic advice and support for key internal campaigns and major announcements.  Iceberg also specialises in project communications for major ICT and business initiatives, corporate restructures and change management communications. Experienced communications consultants can work in-house or externally with project teams providing expertise to companies seeking to build engagement and acceptance of major changes.

Iceberg Communications is already providing communications expertise on major IT Infrastructure Upgrades for two major Australian companies.