Pricey Dell Streak Tablet Set To Struggle Up Against iPad
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The Dell Streak which is a 5″ Android based tablet designed to compete with the iPad will be launched in Australia say Dell executives.

The bad news is that it is set to priced at around $699 to $750 the same price as the iPad. It will also have a low resolution display screen and will only run Android 1.6 when launched. 
However it does have some advantages over theiPad with the inclusion of both front and back camera’s.

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Speaking at the  D8 conference in the US yesterday Dell officals said that the device will be launched at the end of July in the US and International markets such as Australia shortly afterwards.
In Australia Dell has already shown Telstra officals the device in the hope that the carrier will range the device under a Next G plan.
The company’s Ron Garriques dodged comparisons to Apple at the conference and said it wasn’t either a smartphone or a tablet, although it has features of both. It’s likened more to a communicator that, for Garriques, was enough to let him drop the use of a phone.
Dell’s device uses a lower-resolution screen to accommodate its size. Using Android 1.6 also limits the kinds of apps and features the Streak has until it gets an OS upgrade late in 2010.