Pro-Ject Intro New Carbon Turntable
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In the 90s, Pro-Ject introduced a turntable that melted the hearts of audiophiles and kicked off a trend. Their Debut III turntable was special, but now there’s a promising follow-up.

I personally haven’t been privy to the sound from old-school vinyl, but audiophiles swear there’s no better way to hear music. With the release of Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon turntable, they will be rejoicing in unison.

The new turntable retains its funky style with the 8.6″ tonearm scoring a carbon fibre upgrade for improved rigidity and a decrease in resonance.

An OM10 cartridge from Ortofon is attached to the tonearm and together they accurately track and recover the musical nuance found within the record’s grooves.

The MDF plinth now supports a heavier 300mm diameter metal platter which facilitates smother rotation. It’s also lined with a felt record mat for superior support and coupling.

The platter and plinth reside upon feet designed to absorb energy, employing Sorbothane suspension that keeps unwanted noise and vibrations to a bare minimum. Chassis mounted RCA output jacks are also featured and are compatible with higher quality interconnects.

Pro-Jects Debut Carbon is available in seven different colours (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver or White) and will retail for $449.

The Debut Carbon Phono USB is also available but adds the following in addition to the Debut Carbon:
– Integrated phono pre amplifier, with dual-mono circuitry.
– Premium A/D conversion with USB output, enabling recording of vinyl records to PC or Mac.

The Debut Carbon Phono USB is available in black, red and white for RRP$599.