Pure's AirPlay Speaker Nicks WiFi Settings From Your iPhone
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Pure’s new AirPlay speaker has a nifty networking trick that makes setting it up easy.

The latest product from Pure is the Contour 200i Air, a wireless audio system that is best used with Apple devices. It features an on board dock that will charge an iPad, iPhone and iPod and is versed in Apple’s wireless AirPlay technology.

But unlike other docking systems, which require IT know-how to set up wireless streaming, the new dock includes WiFi login sharing. By simply docking your iOS device and pressing a WiFi setup button, the Contour 200i Air will glean the existing WiFi settings straight from your iDevice.

Non Apple users can still network their compatible smartphones, tablets and computers with the 200i Air by connecting it via Ethernet or manually entering in your WiFi settings. Once done, it’ll produce 36W of digital quality sound, infusing a large room with bodied music.

Compatible with Pure’s Lounge app, the 200i Air benefits from wireless access to tens of thousands of internet radio stations, on demand content and ambient sounds. It can also be connected to a home AV system through the digital audio output and an auxiliary input allows you to plug in a myriad of compatible devices, such as mp3 players.

Software updates are easy to do as they’re delivered directly over WiFi.

Pure’s Contour 200i Air is available now for $399.95