Qik: Video Calling Hits Android Apps
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You’ve got mail – video calls just an app away as Skype owned Qik launch Video Connect for Android.

And it has also just updated its iPhone app, currently the only mobile video solution that enables video mail.

However, sending mail now comes at a price although receiving continues to be free. 

Qik’s video also offers some cool ways to share videos with friends on Facebook, Twitter, on YouTube or blog posts, and you don’t need a front-facing camera on your phone.  

The new apps will work on most Android OS (2.1-2.3.3) versions and on iPhones, iPad2 and camera ready iPod Touch.

Video connect also gives users improved battery life, video and picture quality through device and hardware integration and has been in collaboration with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola as well as chipset vendors Qualcomm and Nvidia, it said today.  

Several Samsung Galaxy devices also now offer VGA support over Wi-Fi.


To begin using Qik video simply update what you currently have, scan the QR code, hit the Android Market or iPhone App Store and download the newest version.