Qtrax: New Oz Free Digital Music Service.. And Its Legal
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Australia’s newest free digital download offering has just been launched.And its looking to save the industry from pirates.
Set up by Melburnian, Allan Klepfisz, www.qtrax.com promises to provide music lovers access to a vast and diverse catalogue of digital music files available at  “lightning fast download speeds, high quality (and) absolutely no adware”.

Its user interface provides artist biographies, general info and discographies in a service that appears to be trying to bring the artist back to the listener.

Fans will be able to create playlists, send music recommendations to friends, and  allows social networking with other Qtrax users.

The revolutionary service, already available in the US, Canada and the UK, aims to stamp out piracy, which has plagued the industry in recent times with the onslaught of illegal music vendors.  

Klepfisz has signed a number of “significant licensing deals” with some of the major music labels and is aiming to create a “business model that directs money back to artists and rights holders.”

“This is the beginning of clawing back revenue for Australian artists from the arguably 90%+ of their earnings that have been lost to piracy.”

“Just register, log in and search, download and play music for free” the music provider commands and imposes no pre-conditions to downloading.


And he is confident he can build a profitable and valuable business, providing fans with access to a vast and diverse catalog of high-quality digital music files, for free.

Qtrax enables users to download and listen to music locally, which is a plus over music services streamed over the net, which can be subject to sound interruptions. 

“Australians both produce and consume music at a very high rate per capita, says Klepfisz, Qtrax President & CEO.

“Bringing back to Australia that which so many Australians clearly want is very satisfying.” And is one of the very first countries in this side of the world where the service has been launched.

Music is added to the catalogue on an ongoing basis, says Qtrax, which began its Asia Pacific rollout in 2009.


The company is a subsidiary of New York based Brilliant Technologies Corporation.