Regus IP Phone Systems Crashes Six Days To Repair
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Regus, the global serviced office Company who brag about their IT capabilities, including IP phone and video conferencing services have left customers in Sydney without inbound phone services for nearly a week with management blaming server issues for the problem.

At their North Sydney location which provides services to several IT integrators, marketing, recruitment Companies, distributors and media Companies the IP phone service has been down since last Thursday, with several businesses left without the ability to have phones answered in their Company name.

While calls can be made out Regus reception staff have been unable to transfer falls to any clients, with customers told that messages have to be passed manually to employees. They are also offering to route calls to mobile phones.

Earlier today that service also appears to have been withdrawn, with reception staff telling customers that “due to only one person being available to answer calls that there was “no one” to run messages.

A memo syndicated to clients and seen by 4Square Media says that “due to last minute changes to our system will not take place until Thursday”.

On Monday they were telling customers that the problem would be fixed on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Regus Craig Marquart blamed the problem on their service provider SideTrack who he said had “botched” an upgrade to the system.

“Apparently they were doing an upgrade and there was a server crash”.

When asked why it had taken nearly a week reboot and reload a server he said “I don’t know”.



He also failed to explain why Regus was employing a service provider who was unable to come up with a fix in under a week for an IP phone system used for multiple businesses.

Late last year Regus crashed hundreds of businesses when their Internet operation went down for several hours.

A North Sydney customer said “In today’s IT environment no serviced office provider can afford to not have a backup network that allows a server or supporting software to be restored quickly. Even if an upgrade has gone pear shaped, they still should have been able to recover the situation within 24 hours. This smacks of an organisation that is trying to do everything on the cheap without any regard for the businesses that they sell services office space to”.