Remembering Communication During Disasters
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The Adtec linked emergency response telephone system (ALERTS) is designed for large companies, so they can connect a connect a crisis team automatically if there is a disaster – whether man-made or natural.

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The system has been specially designed to provide fast, easy and reliable team communications and is tailored to suit the specific needs of any rescue operation. All first responders have to remember is a simple two digit PIN.

With just one phone call, ALERTS automatically contacts all the members of an interagency emergency team and puts it immediately into a conference call.

Within minutes, all the relevant players are online, making the decisions required to get the situation under control.

Once initiated, ALERTS dials the team phone numbers stored in the system. When answered correctly, it automatically puts individual team members into a conference call or sends them a voice message.

If no PIN is entered or the call is not answered, ALERTS will automatically dial the next number for that member of the team and extra participants can be brought into the conference as needed.


Once the initial rescue decisions have been made, a secondary voice message is relayed to all the members of a secondary team to inform them of the likely chain of events and to prepare appropriately.

During disasters, communication obstacles are all but inevitable. A successful disaster response plan should anticipate communication failures and account for inaccessible communication channels, such as downed phone lines. Obtaining multiple modes of contact from stakeholders, including home numbers, mobile numbers and e-mail addresses, in advance of disasters increases the odds that businesses will be able to reach everyone necessary.