Remote Content Projection With NEC
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The new installation projectors from NEC are designed for corporate conference rooms and classrooms and will allow wired/wireless content streaming without the need for additional software.

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The NP905G and NP901WG projectors include Windows Network Projector functionality within Windows Vista, enabling users to share information from their laptops or desktops via a wired or wireless network without the need for proprietary software.

Remote desktop connection enables these projectors to connect to a networked computer remotely, allowing complete control of the remote computer with the connection of a USB mouse and keyboard directly to the projector’s USB input. Remote diagnostics enable the administrator to monitor and make adjustments to the projector remotely via a network.

National Sales Manager at NEC’s Commercial Displays Solutions Division, Steven Macdonald said, “The NP905G and NP901WG are powerhouse projectors that provide high-definition and essential networking capabilities. They offer best-in-class image quality and a full list of features that customers have come to expect from NEC, while still remaining affordable.”

Other advanced features included with the NP905G and NP901WG are the geometric correction tool, which allows users to project on spheres, cylinders and more without distortion, as well as advanced color management, which automatically adjusts for the specific input type, whether it is a presentation, movie or graphics.

Input panels include HDMI for high-definition video content, as well as an audio input for every allotted video input.  Additionally, the NP905G and NP901WG include closed captioning capability for the hearing impaired and a direct power off feature, which provides instantaneous shutdown of the projector.

The NP905G and NP901WG feature Silicon Optix HQV (Hollywood Quality Video), providing unparalleled scaling of computer signals and high-performance video processing for standard or high-definition video.  The technology produces superior video processing using pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing to remove undesirable motion artifacts typical of interlaced signals. This processing brings home-theater-quality images to meeting rooms and classrooms.

Pricing and Availability

The NP905G (available now) and NP901WG (available late July) will carry an RRP of $3,311 and $3,410, respectively.