REVEALED: New iPad Flop On Telstra 4G
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The new iPad 4G is a dunce in Australia. Why? Because it is incompatible with Telstra 4G network.

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Apple’s new 4G iPad, costing $679, unveiled today, promises “you can browse the web, stream content or download a movie at blazing-fast speeds ” and “supports fast cellular networks the world over.”

But not so in Australia.

iPad 4G uses 700Mhz Long Term Evolution spectrum (as used in US where 2100Mhz also used) which is not an available frequency for 4G in Australia, at present.

Telstra’s 4G network, the only live 4G network here currently, runs off 1800MHz and 850MHz spectrum.

But the iPad is compatible with fast 3G network’s including DC-HSDPA which will deliver speeds up to 42 Mbps, according to Apple.

The 4G tablet is compatible with Telstra’s HSPA Dual Channel network which offers typical speeds up to 20mbps, industry sources indicated to SmartHouse.

Optus is set to launch LTE technology next month using its existing 1800MHz spectrum band.

So, it seems pointless buying the new iPad 4G at present, which at $679, costs $90 more than new WiFi + 3G model compatible model, at $569.


The Labour government is now selling off access to the prized 4G 700Mhz spectrum for millions to the main telcos but wont be available for several years yet.

And its only when this happens the new iPad will be capable of 4G speeds in Australia.