Revealed: Toshiba's First 21.5 Inch HD All-In-1 PC
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Running on Intel Core i5/i7 processor, this all powerful device also has HD screen and six USBs to boot.

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The first time Toshiba has ever dipped its toes into the all-in-one world, it has released the DX1210 PC, the “central hub” for all devices, used as a base for managing notebooks, tablets or mobiles.

Powered optionally by either the Intel Core i7 or i5 processors, the 21.5 inch full LCD HD display (1920X1080 res), with CyberLink PowerCinema pre-installed, means the new DX is “is like being at the movies” with a built in DVD player and TV tuner.

This smart touch screen device also converts standard definition video to HD via Resolution+ technology and doesn’t spare on high end sound, accompanied by Onkyo speakers and Dolby Audio processing.

Users can also listen to music when the device is asleep and also acts as a charging port for devices like smartphones.

It also has a whopping six USB ports (two 3.0’s) allowing multiple devices hook up at same time including an HDMI in – as well as a wireless keyboard for easy portability and web cam.

It also transfers multimedia data 10 times faster than the previous generation models, so is ideal for downloading pics or movies, says Toshiba. 

Security wise, it contains face recognition technology which allows verified users to log on by just looking at the PC.

Other “extremely useful features include a touch screen interface so families will no longer have to worry about losing the remote control and a virtual corkboard to stick up post it notes,” says Toshiba’s Product Manager, Anthony Geronimo.


“It’s not uncommon for households to have several technology devices in different rooms, so the DX1210 is a great solution for managing multiple devices through a single hub.”

All-In-One DX1210 PC is selling at selected retailers for RRP of $1,899 in ‘Precious Black.’

However if you want it in white you can only buy it from Harvey Norman outlets.