Review: Clickfree Wireless Backup For Storing Precious Files
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If you have a lot of important files stored on a PC or notebook, then backing up is a must in order to keep them safe. However, despite the availability of backup software on portable hard drives, there are still a lot of people who don’t do it because it is ‘difficult’ and time consuming. Clickfree’s Wireless Backup simplifies data backup and is able to connect and automatically back up data wirelessly.

What’s unique about the Wireless Backup is that it comes with Wi-Fi built in that automatically backs up data from connected computers wirelessly. Like the C2N that we reviewed a couple of months ago, users need to connect the drive via USB to start backing up important files.

The Wireless Backup comes with an embedded USB 2.0 cable which is a bit short as well as a power adapter for the wireless function.

The time it takes for the initial backup process to complete itself depends on how much files you have stored on a notebook or PC. The Wireless Backup stores photos, music, e-mail files, text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, favourite websites, as well as other files such as ZIP, XML, CAB and HTML.

After everything has been set up, the drive will obtain wireless settings and users can then remove the drive from the USB port and plug its power adapter into the wall.


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After a couple of minutes, the drive will be ready and will back up data from synchronised computers wirelessly depending on the schedule. Backup is scheduled for 3AM by default, but can be adjusted accordingly. Wi-Fi backup is a bit slow, but it was still able to automatically save all our new files at the end of the day.

If you have more than one notebook at home that you want backed up, then all you need to do is to connect the drive to the notebook, perform the backup, and remove the drive. Once it is plugged into the wall, it will automatically backup each and every single computer that was connected to the device.

In addition to backing up data, the unit can restore selected files to the original location or transfer them to a new folder, import music from your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod, or create a backup DVD using a separate application.

Overall, the Clickfree Wireless Backup delivers an easy backup solution to users who want to backup multiple computers. The whole process of backing up is simple and once you are done connecting all your notebooks/computers, you can place it on a corner and forget about it. The 500GB drive is available now for $199.