Review: Samsung N220 With Optus Mobile Broadband
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The Samsung N220 is a netbook that is exclusively available to Optus users. Its built-in 3G quad-band module allows you connect to the Internet wirelessly, while its 6-cell battery provides enough juice to last half a day.

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The N220 is available in two colours – red or green, with the glossy lid being a major problem as it is prone to fingerprints. In terms of connectivity, the N220 has three USB ports, a D-Sub port, Ethernet, microphone-in and headphone-in jacks, and a 3-in-1 card reader.

Like any other netbook in the market, the N220 has an Atom processor (N450 at 1.66 Ghz), 1GB of RAM, 250GB of storage space, and wireless connectivity (802.11 b/g/n). It also comes with Bluetooth (2.1 + EDR) and 3G quad-band module for wireless internet access (SIM card located underneath).

Take note that while the netbook is exclusively available to Optus, it the wireless module is not network-locked. This means that users can use their own SIM card (such as 3 or Telstra) to gain access to the Internet.

Opening the lid reveals a 10.1-inch LED screen with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600, a web camera, a chiclet keyboard, and a touchpad. The unit runs on Windows 7 Starter and comes with various Samsung programs such as – Battery Life Extender, Easy Display Manager, Easy Network Manager, Samsung Recovery Solution 4, Support Centre, and Samsung Update Plus. A trial version of McAfee and Microsoft Office 2007 are also pre-installed.


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We found the N220 a joy to use. The keys on the netbook were well-spaced and made it easy for us to type word documents while on the go. Getting online was simple – all we had to do was to click on the connect icon. The unit was also able to handle HD videos without slowing down, although we had to make sure that no other program was running in the background.

Audio quality was good for a netbook, thanks to its 2.1 channel speaker. The subwoofer was able to add depth to explosions in action movies and was also able to improve the sound in various audio tracks.

Battery life was quite remarkable too. During our battery drain test, the N220 lasted 329 minutes, which equates to about 10 hours of normal usage.

Overall, the Samsung N220 is a solid netbook for users who want to stay connected throughout the day. It sometimes lags as it lacks the horsepower to keep up with the default operating system, but this can easily be remedied by purchasing a 2GB RAM stick.

The N220 is available at Optus dealers nationally for $49.99 (2GB) or $69.99 (5GB).