Roll Up, Roll, Up: Facebook IPO Kick Off May 18?
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Roll up, roll up, the most anticipated roadshow since Google is about to kick off.

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Facebook IPO is on a timeline of its own. it seems.

Facebook IPO roadshow, which seeks to flog its potential to investors in the lead up to its Initial Public Offering is hitting town May 07, a source told Reuters.

If this comes to pass, then roughly two weeks later on May 18 should be the date Facebook or “FB” as it will be known on the Nasdaq, will hit the trading floor, the source also indicated.

And it seems Chief Mark Zuckerberg may not show his face at the roadshow next week, leaving his right-hand woman COO, Cheryl Sandberg, and Chief Financial Officer, David Ebersman, do the business of wooing investors with company projections and financials.

The 29 year old tech savvy boss appears indifferent to many of the more mundane aspects to running his multibillion dollar brainchild and his no show at a previous analyst meeting was said to have annoyed some investors.

Facebook’s roadshow was initially held up due to “a string of acquisitions and other business distractions” including the shock $1bn purchase of photo guru Instagram, sources indicated last week.

However, despite the delays it seems investors are not put off:


“I have not seen as broad-based interest in an IPO since Google. Investor demand is immense,” Scott Sweet from IPO Boutique, said.

And Sweet is anticipating a “roadshow that will rival all roadshows where investors will be turned away at the door.”