Rumour: Asus Tabs To Run Intel Oak Trail?
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It’s a bit like a Hansel and Gretel plot but laptop maker appears to have left a trail of evidence…leading to a new Asus tab.

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It could be a bunch of mistakes but evidence is building that a tab running off Intel span new Atom  Z670 the first chip for its Oak Trail platform, is on the way from Asus.

And since its Eee Pad Slider, soon to be released here, runs off NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, it appears not to be this model unless it has altered the specs. So, it could be a brand new tab or else the Eee Slider may come in two forms.

The Slider features 10.1 IPS display, Tegra 2, dual-cameras and its nifty design allows the keyboard to slide under the screen when not in use, giving the impression of a notebook, according to the specs released earlier this year.

However, last week Intel posted pictures of the Eee tab on its Oak Trail webpage but later removed it.

And the Taiwanese maker had no plans to changing its processor, according to Liliputing. 

However, if they did change probably wouldn’t be the strangest thing in the world since this is the same company that back flipped several times on Honeycomb 3.0 for the Eee family, claiming they needed more time to fine tune the software.     

So, if this is the case, what will Oak Trail chips bring that’s new? Well, the 45nm low power processor that is Atom Z670 chip supports fanless systems which basically means devices will switch on without the purring and heat build-up.


This also means portable PCs can be lighter, so perfect for the thinner, sleeker tablet holy grail every maker is on, at present.

It has a single core 1.5 GHz 32-bit chip which includes the SM35 Express Chipset with support for HD audio and Adobe Flash and is designed for smartphones, tabs and notebooks.