Samsung + Android Kill iPhone Party
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It’s official: Samsung is the smartphone supreme leader, capturing 30% of the smartphone industry.

The Galaxy maker has widened the gap between it and Apple in the smartphone race, selling a whopping 55 million smartphones V  23.6 million iPhone’s sold, globally.

iPhone and Samsung Galaxys account for almost half of all smarties (46.5%) in the  third quarter July- September, analysts Gartner said today.

Samsung’s phone sales continued to accelerate thanks to mass demand for Galaxy phones including the S 3, which has sold over 30 million to date.

The Galaxy maker in total shipped 98 million mobile devices – both ‘dumb’ and smart.

Samsung’s strategy of releasing a slew of high and low end phones is clearly working, Gartner said noting, the “strong demand for Galaxy smartphones across different price points.”

Just last night Samsung launched the Note II in Sydney.

The supremacy of Samsung and Apple is “leaving a handful of vendors fighting over a distant third spot,” Anshul Gupta, principal research analyst at Gartner – the “handful” including Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry RIM.

Still, despite its Galaxy rivals powering ahead, Apple sales were still up a massive 36%, even though the iPhone 5 was released just at the end of September, the Q3 cut off point.

Apple is currently building up stockpiles of iPhones as it prepares to launch the new “i5” full force into China and other territories, says Gupta, who predicts the Q4 Christmas period will be Cupertino’s “traditionally strongest quarter.”

But it was bad news for former phone leader Nokia who slipped from No. 3 phone maker to No. 7 spot, while its Windows Phone OS captured just 2.4% of all users. RIM BlackBerry moved to the No. 3 spot with HTC not far behind at No. 4, but maybe not for long, analysts predict.

“Both HTC and RIM have seen their sales declining in past few quarters, and the challenges might prevent them from holding on to their current rankings in coming quarters,” said Gupta.

Android Rule


Android now accounts for over 70% of all smartphones OS’s, Gartner stats also show, putting Google’s mobile platform firmly in front, while Apple’s iOS accounts for just under 14%, Gartner also confirmed today.

This is further good news for Samsung, Android’s biggest phone vendor, as well as LG, HTC and Motorola.

Smartphones continued to fuel sales of mobile phones worldwide with sales rising to 169.2 million units in Q3.

Smartphone sales are powering the mobile industry, in general accounting for 40% of all phone sales, a 50% increase from same time 2011.

Phone sales – both dumb and smart fell 3 percent to 428 m units in Q3 but Gartner analysts said there were positive signs for the industry for Q4.