Samsung, Android Top Dog On 44% As iPhone 4S Crash
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Google Android have come out as the top dog platform just days after Apple iPhone 5 launch, that wasn’t.

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comScore researchers have found Android now holds 43.7% market share among 30,000 U.S. mobile users, with Apple ranking second best with 27.3%.

Other OS fighting out for the crumbs include RIM with 19.7% and Microsoft with 5.7%.

The survey also showed Samsung to be top of the Android pile with 25.3 percent marketshare with models like Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S II.

The news comes as Apple failed to overwhelm at Tuesday’s iPhone 4S launch, where many were expecing a fifth generation model to emerge.

comScore mobile league table looks something like this: Samsung 24.8%, LG at 21.1%, and Google owned Motorola now holding 14.0%, a dip of -1.1%.

Apple strengthened its mobile position at number 4 with 9.8 percent share of all mobile subscribers (up 1.1 percentage points), while RIM rounded out the top five with 7.1 percent share.


Samsung have come out today hailing the deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs a visionary, who’s death was announced earlier today local time

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