Samsung Electronics' Future
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Samsung Electronics unveiled a range of products including a line-up of digital TVs and Mobile TVs at IFA 2005. The Korean firm is also gearing up for a new marketing campaign.

At the IFA -show — held in Messe Berlin– Samsung demonstrated its development of largeTVs across several different technologies, such as the, 102 inch Plasma, 82 inch LCD and 71 inch DLP.  The company also showcased the SlimFit TV is just two-thirds the thickness of standard tube TVs. The company’s latest image enhancer is known as Digital Natural Image engine or DNIe, has 13 bit colour reproduction, providing 549 billion colours. This year at IFA, Samsung also showcased Mobile TV technology that allows consumers to enjoy TV anywhere through products such as notebook computers, PDAs, portable DVD players, camcorders, mobile phones and portable media players.

David Steel, vice president marketing at Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Unit, told Reuters although Samsung was the world’s No. 20 brand in 2005, taking over the position of Japanese rival Sony Corp, which fell to No. 28, according to Interbrand the company feels it does not yet have an exclusive place in a consumer’s heart.

“Five to 10 years ago we were a second tier brand. Now consumers say: ‘I have a phone, or a TV, and it’s fine. A few years ago it wasn’t the right time to set our flat panel TVs as premium products, because they weren’t,” Steel said.

“We’ve got the right competitiveness of products now, and this is the time to position the brand as one with emotional attributes,” Steel said at the IFA consumer electronics fair. “I think of our brand direction as aspiration. Also when I look at other industries, like the car industry, the language is aspiration and prestige,” he added.