Samsung Floats A Featherweight Notebook
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The latest featherweight Notebook PC from the Samsung stable was unveiled at CES last week.

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Weighing only 1.31kg and measuring just 16.3mm in depth, and a screen size of 13 inches, the Notebook 9 series is a premium notebook for consumers who want design combined with performance and ergonomics.

Designed to give the user a bright, vivid viewing experience with optimised power and performance as a premium package, the Notebook 9 Series has a vivid SuperBright Plus display (400nit) with 16 million colour reproduction, all encased in the most advanced Duralumin metal alloy.

Samsung executives are gushing about the design and display capabilities.

Seongwoo Nam, Executive Vice presiden and Head of the IT Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “The Samsung Notebook 9 Series notebook combines so many great elements of the mobile computing experience and is driving the market forward in terms of design, display and overall capabilities. The display alone is exceptional, but to see it in an extremely mobile design is really impressive.”

Crafted from Duralumin, a lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminum and normally used in advanced aircraft design, Samsung says the Notebook 9 series was subjected to a rigorous testing process, ensuring durability at home and on the road.

The flowing line on the side of the device is a key design concept, to give it an aerodynamic and sleek style much like a premium sports car. It also helps to fits comfortably in the hand.


Quality has also not been sacrificed, says the company. The SuperBright Plus display  is twice as bright as conventional notebooks from the Samsung stable. Its fresh and vivid look brings multimedia to life and gives users an unforgettable experience. Each of its 16 million colours illustrates and defines a crystal clear picture quality that you come to expect from Samsung.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Series’ premium notebook display also includes advanced usability and performance-enhancing features. Utilising ambient light sensors, the Auto Display Brightness controls measure light levels in the vicinity of the notebook and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to ensure an optimised user experience. This means you get an extended battery life through its automatically adjusting backlit keyboard that adapts to darker light conditions with greater illumination.

The Notebook is equipped with Microsoft Windows7 and the 2nd generation Intel Core i5 Processor with up to 4GB memory. It has a
Fast Start instant-on feature allowing users to start working within 12 seconds of switching on and become immersed in a truly mobile lifestyle.

A 128GB solid state drive (SSD) provides more than enough space for personal and professional life; with no moving parts, the Samsung Notebook 9 Series delivers 60 percent faster booting than a hard disk drive (HDD) notebook.

A 1.3M HD webcam enables users to record clear video and images, and play video clips in widescreen high definition. It also has a larger, fully touch sensitive advanced gesture pad, providing a new, stylish and convenient way to use the notebook.