Samsung: Galaxy II 'On Track' For May, Despite US Delay
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It was tipped to be here in May but reports coming out of the US today, suggest the wait may be a little longer.

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The much hyped Android Gingerbread handset with a high speed1.2GHz

dual-core processor was tipped to land here next month but now has been

held up in the US, reports indicate.

According to Samsung VP

Paul Brennan, in the US, negotiations between all US carriers including

Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T are still ongoing, and Galaxy II now won’t

be be released in North America in early Q3.

This would imply the

Galaxy may now not see the light of day until perhaps July or August, in

the US, meaning that this could put back the Oz release

date until even later in the year.

However, Samsung Australia today confirmed to Smarthouse that the newest Galaxy installation is still on track for release here next month.


Similar to its US strategy,

Samsung are looking to distribute its device, which features Super

AMOLED Plus screen technology, which the Korean brand say delivers its

brightest ever screen, “across all major networks and retailers” in