Samsung Looks To Wind Farms..And Flogs Hard Drive Op
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The Korean giant is busy re-jiging its business by looking to get into wind farms.

Samsung Renewable Energy in partnership with Pattern Energy have just snapped up land on which it plans to develop a 270-megawatt wind farm, according to Bloomberg.

The land bought from the Fargo Wind Project and another nearby wind development project has also been acquired, the two companies said in a joint statement.

The sites located in southern Ontario, Canada will be included in the larger wind project, known as South Kent Wind Farm, which the duo are developing.

“Together with Pattern, we are making major progress on our goal to bring new sources of wind energy to Ontario,” said Cheol-Woo Lee, Senior ExecV P of Samsung.

“In addition to closing on these projects we are closing on thousands of acres in southwestern Ontario and the Bruce region for the development of more than 500 MW of wind power.”

And if it appears unusual to hear a tech co talk about energy, then get used to it as Samsung diversification plans could be only just beginning.


There are also talks it may be seeking to get rid of its hard disk drive business to possible buyers Seagate Technologies, for a possible $1.5bn price tag.

The business is said to be a loss maker for the company and if sold would mean the number of disk drive makers would be whittled down to just three –  Hitachi Global Storage, Fujitsu and Toshiba.