Samsung To Open New CBD Pop Up Music Store
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Sydney, here we come: Samsung is set to open their own branded pop up music store in downtown Sydney.Located at 379/380 George St, right near the Apple Store, the Samsung pop up store will be open from this Friday for just one week, as the Galaxy maker looks to push its music hub service in Australia.
The service provides unlimited access to millions of songs and over ten thousand music videos from all four record labels with Samsung’s 2011 smart devices and starts at $9.99 per month.

“Come down to the GALAXY S II pop-up-store at 379-381 George St, Sydney and experience Samsung Music Hub for yourself,” Samsung chirped in a press release today.

But that’s not all that should entice you into the store, Samsung insist and are giving away.

“The first 10 people each day to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II each can purchase it for just $2.00.”

This isn’t the first pop up store to rear its head of late. Google have just unveiled its first ever ‘Chromezone’ store in London showcasing Chromebooks, reminiscent of Apple Store, and is planning others worldwide.