SanDisk Introduces Entertainment Flash Memory Cards
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At the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment 2005 trade show, SanDisk announced a new SanDisk technology called TrustedFlash.

The flash memory card allows users to buy premium music, movies and games on flash memory cards for use in mobile phones, laptop computers, PDAs and other portable devices. Music labels and movie studios will be able to release premium content on TrustedFlash products because of the security and digital rights management solutions available to them.  Users will also be able to download content from online digital services through their mobile phone or PC.  Alternatively, they can purchase pre-recorded content on SanDisk’s gruvi cards, one of the first products to be released with TrustedFlash. Memory cards with TrustedFlash technology will be available in microSD, miniSD and SD formats. TrustedFlash will also incorporate mVideoGuard Mobile DRM (digital rights Management) technology from NDS Group.

The cryptographic engine core used in TrustedFlash was designed by Discretix Technologies, an Israeli company that provides embedded security solutions for flash memory and portable devices such as mobile phones. SanDisk will use its CryptoFlash core to meet the security needs for TrustedFlash Cards.

Some companies taking advantage of TrustedFlash are; EMI Music who will release the new Rolling Stones album, ‘A Bigger Bang’ on SanDisk’s gruvi music card. Samsung will be one of its partners in providing mobile phones that support TrustedFlash. Yahoo! Music Engine a software application will be available with music cards that feature SanDisk’s new technology.

 SanDisk has also introduced another product — SanDisk iNAND. It’s a 4GB embedded flash memory storage device that can be used as an alternative to micro hard drives; the iNAND will incorporate SanDisk’s TrustedFlash technology. It can be used as storage for products such as MP3 Players, GPS devices, personal media players and mobile phones.