CANBERRA: Scammers are currently trying new tricks to exploit Australians who have been impacted financially by the covid-19 crisis, according to an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report.

According to ACCC chairperson Delia Rickard, the scammers are seeking to take advantage of the Government’s recent announcement that people suffering financial hardship will later this month be able to have partial access to their superannuation.

Says Rickard: “Scammers are cold-calling people, claiming to be from organisations that can help you get early access to your super.

“The Australian Taxation Office is coordinating the early release of super through myGov and there is no need to involve a third party or pay a fee to get access under this scheme.”

But it seems Australians are becoming increasingly aware of such tricks. Since the Government’s announcement in March, there have been 87 reports of these scams, but no reported losses, according to the ACCC.

However Rickard notes that Australians lost over $6 million to superannuation scams.