Scorned Samsung Leaks Dismissed Evidence To The Press
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Samsung has leaked evidence to the press that was dismissed by a US judge during their ‘we didn’t copy Apple’ court case.

Apple contends Samsung’s Galaxy S was a knock off of their iPhone. To counter, Samsung has tried to put forward evidence suggesting the iPhone itself was an imitation of a concept designed by Sony, but Judge Lucy Koh has dismissed it.

Samsung then chose to leak the discredited evidence to the press in a bid to salvage its credibility. The evidence consists of 12 slides detailing smartphones that resemble Apple’s iPhone, but these designs were being developed before the iPhone’s 2007 debut.

Fed up with Samsung’s conduct, Judge Koh asked their lead attorney, John Quinn, to write a formal declaration outlining his role in leaking the dismissed evidence to the press.

The evidence has been rejected several times by Judge Koh who noted “Samsung has filed like 10 motions for reconsideration,” and, according to GSMArena, even threatened Quinn with personal sanctioning.

The leaked evidence depicts smartphones with large touchscreens, a single button located beneath it and the curved corners familiar to Apple’s early iPhone. If you placed the Samsung Galaxy S besides the last 2006 design, it would look like basic evolution.


Samsung attorney Charles Verhoeven stands by leaked evidence, and when in court he tossed aside Apple’s patent claims as he cited why each one should be excluded.

“Samsung is not some copyist, some Johnny come lately doing knockoffs,” he said.

Veteran Apple designer, Christopher Stringer, begged to differ. Stringer has been designing Apple products since 1995, and when on the stand he state Apple’s design had been “ripped off.”

“It’s a huge leap in imagination to come up with something new. That’s what we did,” added Stringer.

Design aside; questions remain concerning whether Samsung infringed Apple patents with the Galaxy’s screen technology. But when it comes to the infringing of technology patents, Samsung isn’t without leverage, claiming the iPhone infringes Samsung’s 3G patents.