Seagate Storage Saves Media At CES
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Storage company, Seagate, has launched a range of new products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including an AES government-grade encrypting external storage drive for use in professional applications.

In addition, a software upgrade that will provide secure remote access and file sharing for existing Maxtor Shared Storage II network drives was displayed, called Central Axis Technology.

According to Seagate, which owns Maxtor, there is a growing demand for digital content storage solutions due to increased use of digital cameras, MP3 players and digital videos.

“Consumers are creating and sharing more digital content than ever, and in fact, Americans alone watched 100 billion web videos this year. Content is everywhere, which is fueling the need for more storage everywhere,” said Seagate CEO, Bill Watkins, at the CES event.


“Seagate connects people with all of their content, and helps them safeguard, securely share, access, and enjoy it, whenever and wherever they want.” 

While the Maxtor BlackArmor storage solution hasn’t yet been secured for Australian distribution, the company is releasing a range of consumer products over the coming months.

Announced earlier this week, Seagate has revealed a new technology platform called Digital Audio Video Experience (DAVE) which, in collaboration with several consumer manufacturers including Sanyo, HarmanBecker and PortoMedia, provides wireless and portable storage for electrical devices such as mobiles, media servers, and PVRs.

The Maxtor Central Axis software provides access to shared content on a Maxtor Shared Storage II networked drive via a web connection, without breaching network firewalls. Maxtor Central Axis technology, expected to be available in March, is designed for existing Maxtor Shared Storage II solutions, and will be available from the Maxtor Solutions website as a free download.