Security System For Home Office
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Cage Security’s new secure Internet Protocol-based security monitoring service is said to offer reliable protection for your home and for your workplace using a dual-path security monitoring system.

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One path is a simple connection to your home or business internet router, transmitting securely over the internet. The second path is a wireless connection via a mobile phone network that also transmits securely over the internet. Both paths link to Cage Security’s fault tolerant back-to-base 24-hour National Monitoring Centre.

“Your home and your workplace contain your most treasured possessions and are reflections of you and your lifestyle,” says Cage Security’s Bruce de Graaf. “It’s vital to put plenty of thought into keeping them safe.”

When an alert comes through an operator at the monitoring centre will quickly call the client company, phone the alarmed premises, alert the police or ambulance service or send out a guard patrol. The system is also aware if the client’s alarm is unable to communicate with the National Monitoring Centre, which occurs if the system is destroyed or stolen. Monitoring operators can respond immediately, informing the client and taking the necessary and appropriate action to prevent a security breech.

From $800 installed