Senator Fancied As Comms Chief
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CANBERRA – South Australian senator Simon Birmingham is firming as favourite to take the Communications Minister job vacated by Malcolm Turnbull, when Turnbull launched his successful bid to become Prime Minister. Turnbull is expected to announce the new ministry on Monday.Other possibilities for the comms post include Paul

Fletcher, a former Optus executive who has been parliamentary secretary to

Turnbull; and Joe Hockey who appears likely to be moved from the Treasurer’s

job, almost certainly to be handed to Scott Morrison in return for his help in

securing the numbers for Turnbull’s successful coup.

However Birmingham, a former Water Minister and currently Assistant Education

and Training Minister under Christopher Pyne, is seen as having driven a

reduction in dysfunction in Australia’s vocational education system, and may

prove a better choice to tackle the floundering NBN rollout.

Birmingham yesterday told Sky News he has had no conversation yet with Turnbull

about a new role.

“I have no expectations; I love my current role. What this is about is a

better government, an even better government for the Australian people, and

that’s what matters, not what role I have,” he said.