Senior Microsoft Windows Exec Quits For Hewlett-Packard
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Days after news broke that Hewlett-Packard was dumping their Microsoft Windows-based Slate PC, the company has announced that they have hired former Windows executive, Bill Veghte, to develop software applications.

The news follows HP’s agreement last week to acquire Palm, who own the WebOS software that can be adapted to be used in Smartphones, netbooks and a new generation of Slate PC’s.

The move is a major blow to Microsoft, who are fast losing software partners to Apple, Google and in the future HP. The 20-year Microsoft veteran will lead HP’s software and services unit in his new role as an HP executive vice president.

At HP, Veghte will oversee a $3.6 billion division that includes offerings in IT management, business intelligence, communications and media.

According to TechFlash, Goldman Sachs analysts called HP’s hiring of Veghte was a surprise, with bigger positive implications for HP.

“While HP’s software business has lagged in the past several years, and recent acquisitions of 3Com and Palm have taken the focus elsewhere, we view the surprise move as casting a renewed spotlight on this potentially higher growth and higher margin business,” the Goldman Sachs analysts wrote.