Sennheiser VMX 200 Bluetooth Headset Connects To Two Devices At Once
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Sennheiser has dropped a new Bluetooth headset for mobiles onto the market which can connect to two devices at once.
The noise-cancelling VMX 200 VoiceMax headset is slated for release this month with a $200 price tag.

The headset is a Bluetooth 3.0 unit that has been built with dual noise-cancelling microphones and the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously, like a mobile phone and a computer, for instance.

The headset was developed by Sennheiser Communications which is a joint venture between Sennheiser and a hearing-aid specialist called Oticon. The partnership has seen Oticon’s expertise used to create an earpiece with high speech clarity.

The slim unit weighs 10 grams, similar to others in its class, and has an estimated talk time of six hours next to a 10 day stand-by time. The brushed steel and black, glossy plastic design has earned Sennheiser the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design 2011.