Small And Quiet Printer From Samsung
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Samsung has unveiled a multifunction printer which, the company claims, is the world’s smallest and quietest laser printer.

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The CLX-3170 Multifunction Printer (MFP) claims to produces picture perfect results with the crisp sharp finish of a laser printer. The compact design and quiet operation make this model perfect for a small office with limited space.

The printer comes with a direct USB interface, allowing a user to print or scan a document by simply hooking s USB memory key to the port. It also comes with Samsung’s No-Nois technology that ensures noise levels stay at 46 decibels.

Available in a choice of two colours, sleek black or professional two-tone grey, this quality MFP will complement any small office space. The small footprint which is the same size as a folded newspaper (415mm x 360mm x 311mm) and has a multitude of functions (print, copy, scan and fax.

Availability and Pricing

The CLX series will come with the following RRP:
CLX-3175: $499 (Available December 1, 2008)
CLX-3170FN: $599 (Available Now)
CLX-3175FN: $599 (Available Now)