Smart Remote That Converts Into iPhone
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Innovative remote control-all with iPhone app is to be launched at CES next year, will go by the name Surc.Smart device makers Mashed Pixel, have just announced the development of a small, all in one remote that allows users control over InfraRed (IR)-enabled electronic devices.
Launching at CES 2011, Surc’s ‘universal learning’ remote combines the intelligence of an IR-connector and a iPhone mobile app that will instantly convert any iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G into a fully functioning remote.

Surc will also perform other handy functions including built-in TV Program Guide, not bad for a 20g device.

It also contains a built-in Micro USB connection for charging and can also be synced to the iPhone.  
Retailing in Australia for around $69, the device will also let users customise the remote button layout to allow frequently used applications take precedence and will be iPad and iPod Touch 3rd generation ready from next year. 

It’s all in one formula means only one remote is needed in the house, the company says, done via code tracking off other IR controls and storing them in its database.
“Surc addresses the growing consumer demand for smart devices that fit their needs for more interactivity and connectivity within the connected home and while they are on the go,” said Daphna Kalman, CEO of Mashed Pixel.
Established in 2009, US based Mashed Pixel mainly develops applications for Smartphone’s and other devices.