Solar Panels, Lifts Potentially Fatal as QLD Floods Continue
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Homeowners should be wary of all electrical equipment during the floods, warns Master Electricians Australia.

This comes as residents are warned to be extremely careful around solar panel installations if forced on to their rooftops by flooding.

Master Electricians Australia Chief Executive, Malcolm Richards, said solar panels would continue producing electricity during flood events – even if Energex has cut off the power supply and even if the panels have been switched off at the switchboard.

“Home owners who are forced on to their roof tops to avoid flood water need to stay well clear of the panel and associated wiring.

“Because of the recent explosion in the number of homes with solar installations, this is not a problem the people of south east Queensland have ever dealt with before” he said.

Home owners  forced to evacuate their homes should turn off the main power at the switchboard before they leave if they can do so safely.

In addition, people should steer clear of all other powered appliances unless they have been first tested by an electrician including switchboards and lifts.

Lifts, also pose a major risk as residents risk being trapped if the power is cut off either intentionally or otherwise.

Huge care should also be taken when homeowners return to their devastated properties and the electricity should always be checked first.

“If a switchboard has been or is submerged, don’t go near it and get an electrician to test it out first,” warns Jessie Badger, Master Electricians Digital Communication Manager.

She also warns residents “not to play with any electrical equipment if it’s wet.”

The Electricians group are part of a task force deciding what needs to be done in the aftermath of the floods, with many members from throughout Australia volunteering to travel to the devastated state to commence the re-wiring and associated tasks.

If homeowners require further information, go to or phone 1300 889 198.