Sony: $25K For A 4K TV With Barely Any Content
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Sony has released the US price of its 84 inch 4K television and it has a lot of digits.

Five to be exact. The company’s XBR-84X900 television, which made headlines following its unveiling at the 2012 IFA show in Germany, will have a US price tag of $25,000. That’s a lot for a TV that has practically no readily available content.

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It’s one of the first 4K televisions available to the public, cramming a total of 8 million pixels into its screen when Full HD televisions are home to 2 million pixels.

Speaking to SmartHosue, Sony’s Business Development Manager, Michael Bromley, claims as of January 2012, there are roughly seventy-five 4K films on the market. By his estimates, a 4K film requires 600GB of data, which is significantly higher than the few gigabytes needed for Blue-ray. In an effort to bridge the present with the infrastructure needed to support the format, the XBR-84X900 uses proprietary software that essentially upscales HD content to 4K’s 3,840 by 2,160 resolution.

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Although we know this gargantuan LCD TV will be coming to Australia in December, its local price remains unknown. Given tech companies have the propensity to gouge Australians, we’re cringing over how much higher the local price tag could go.