Sony Camcorder Hits 1080i High Def
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Sony’s tags its latest 1080i camcorder, the HC3, as the world’s smallest and lightest.

Weighing 500 grams, ($2299) fits comfortably in the palm and captures in high definition or, should you want it, standard DV format. It also doubles as a 4.0 megapixel still camera.

“Sony is furthering the acceptance of high definition as the superior format for video capture, as
well as for playback and display. It is a significant growth area for camcorders and TVs alike, as
consumers increasingly appreciate the benefits of exceptional image and sound reproduction,” said Sony’s Di Shepherd.

Sporting a 2.7 inch touch-controllable LCD that Sony says is easily viewable in virtually any environment or angle, the HC3 provides single-button access to its basic recording and operation settings.

Movies recorded in HDV can of course be viewed directly on a HD compatible TV and a down-conversion function automatically converts HD movies for standard definition playback.


The HC3 captures high-definition video and a small, smart package.